Indications of an AC Repair

Somehow, air conditioners always seem to break down at the worst time. With summer around the corner of your St. Cloud, Florida home, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Here are four signs to watch out for that might indicate your system needs an AC repair.

It’s Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner’s thermostat is set to a cooling setting at your desired temperature, but there’s warm air coming out of your vents, then this most likely indicates the need for an AC repair. Warm air can be a sign of several problems like a problem with your compressor, a blocked condensate line, or a refrigerant leak. Thankfully, neither one of these issues is impossible to fix.

There’s a Leakage

Finding moisture around your AC’s components can indicate a refrigerant leak as well, which can pose a potential health hazard to you and your family. Refrigerant leakage worsens your home’s indoor air quality. Most refrigerant leaks occur outside of the home.

Your Hear Strange AC Noises

You should never hear squealing, grinding, or grating noises coming from your air conditioner. If you do, it’s important to call a professional immediately. These may indicate loose or broken components inside your system, which can lead to a complete system breakdown if left unattended for long.

Your AC Isn’t Starting

Usually, when your air conditioner won’t turn on, it’s because of an issue with the capacitor, which is an essential electrical component needed to start your system. In most cases, when the capacitor fails, it will need to be replaced completely. This is one of the leading causes of AC system breakdowns. Call a professional if your system isn’t able to start.

If you start to notice any of these signs, you can rest assured that our team at Frank’s Air Conditioning, will be standing by ready to help. Call our experts today to learn more about our AC repair services.

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