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Five Signs of Inefficient Air Conditioning in Orlando, FL

Five Signs of Inefficient Air Conditioning in Orlando, FL

When it comes to surviving the scorching hot Orlando, FL, summers, you need an air conditioning system that is operating at full capacity. Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing any of the problems below, it’s likely that your air conditioning system isn’t operating at its optimal efficiency.

1. Uneven Temperatures

If you notice that one or more rooms in your home don’t feel as cold as other ones, it could be an indication that your system isn’t working optimally. Most likely, the vents for the warmer rooms have some sort of obstruction that is hindering full airflow through them. We recommend checking the vents and then contacting a professional to handle any obstruction or reduced air flow.

2. Inaccurate Thermostat Reading

Another issue that may signal an inefficient AC unit is an inaccurate thermostat reading. You’ll usually notice this when it feels overly warm inside of your home and your thermostat is reading a much cooler temperature. It’s best to have this problem evaluated by a professional.

3. Blowing Warm Air

If you notice that your AC system is blowing out warm air, it could be due to a number of problems. These include low refrigerant, blocked condenser unit, frozen evaporator coils or dirty coils. A professional will be needed to determine which of these problems are the cause, and then rectifying the problem quickly and safely.

4. Low Airflow

If your system is blowing cold air, just at a much slower pace, it likely has an airflow issue. This can be a result of something as simple as a dirty air filter. Or, it may be more complex, like frozen evaporator coils.

5. Water Buildup

A natural part of the air conditioning process is removing excess humidity from the air. This water will usually drip off the coils in the drain pan and then down the condensate pipe. However, if the condensate pipe or drainpan has an obstruction in any way, it could cause water to build up in your system, reduce its efficiency, and possibly cause damage inside your home.

If you’re struggling with an inefficient air conditioning system, it’s time to get professional assistance. Call Frank’s Air Conditioning today to get help with your AC repair needs.

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AC System Odors That Need Attention

AC System Odors That Need Attention

Your AC system plays an integral role in protecting your health and keeping you safe. It is a good idea to investigate any unpleasant odor. Here are some examples of odors that indicate potential issues with an AC system in your home in Loughman, FL.

Dirty-Sock Odor

When you turn on your AC, if the air smells like dirty socks, it’s a sign that there is a microbial buildup. A reliable technician from our company will clean the coils, unclog the drain pans and help eliminate the musty odor associated with it.

Chemical Odor from AC System

When you start your AC system, if the house smells like chemicals, it’s never a good sign. A chemical odor is an indication that there is a refrigerant leak or another serious issue that could lead to the failure of the unit.

A refrigerant leak can also cause a hissing or bubbling sound, so be on the lookout for those signs, too. If you notice ice buildup on the evaporator coil, warm air blowing from the air vents, or inconsistency with indoor thermostats, your AC might need maintenance or replacement service.

Vinegar Odor

A clogged condensate pan, dirty filter, unclean ductwork, or excess condensation causes the house to smell like vinegar. Again, only a professional technician will pinpoint the actual reason for this odor, so make sure to contact one as soon as you notice it.

Burning Odor From AC System

The burning odor could be coming from a broken capacitor, overheated motor, loose electrical connection, or bad fan belt. Things can go horribly wrong if you don’t pay attention to burning odor and take quick action accordingly. You should turn off your system right away and contact our HVAC company for a service call.

We have the skills and training to pinpoint the cause and eliminate odor coming from your AC unit. Call the experts at Frank’s Air Conditioning for HVAC inspections in Loughman, FL.

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Don’t Forget Ductwork Cleaning in St. Cloud, FL

Don’t Forget Ductwork Cleaning in St. Cloud, FL

As the summer heat continues in St. Cloud, FL, you need to make sure your air conditioner continues to keep you cool and comfortable. One often overlooked part of the AC system, the ductwork, is an important component of the whole “works” and needs periodic cleaning.

The Function of Air Ducts in the Home

Air ducts circulate cooled air from the air conditioner to each room of the house, allowing for consistent temperatures. Since this is the air we breathe, we want the system that transports that air to be as clean as possible.

What Air Duct Cleaning Incorporates

Powerful vacuums greatly aid in the removal of contaminants and dust within the ductwork, preventing them from continuing to recirculate throughout the house. Doing this every few years will eradicate existing contaminants.

Some Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

1. Improves air flow efficiency: A heavy build-up of grime and dust restricts air flow from the air conditioner, making the cooling unit work harder to cool the house, thereby decreasing efficiency. The tangible result here is higher electricity costs for the homeowner as the unit works longer to achieve the desired target temperature. A good duct cleaning will help the system return to peak efficiency, lowering energy bills.

2. Reduces irritants and allergens: This time of year, many harmful biologic particulates can make their way through air ducts. This can include contaminants and micro-organisms such as pollen, mildew, pet dander and similar toxins. An annual air duct cleaning can help promote healthier living by giving you clean air to breathe.

3. Removes unpleasant odors and smells: Pet odors, food smells, stale tobacco smoke and other unpleasant scents ultimately get into the air duct system and stay there. As the air recirculates when the air conditioner kicks on, these odors recirculate, too. A detailed air duct cleaning will help remove all odor-trapping particles, resulting in a cleaner, fresher smell in your home.

Call our experts at Frank’s Air Conditioning in St. Cloud, FL, for professional air duct cleaning. We’re also happy to provide any other HVAC services you may need.

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4 Steps to Prep an HVAC System for Hurricane Season in St. Cloud, FL

4 Steps to Prep an HVAC System for Hurricane Season in St. Cloud, FL

When severe weather strikes the East Coast, you know rain, wind and power outages are most likely coming with it. Hurricane season has some of the strongest storms on earth and lasts between June 1 and Nov. 30. Most homes in St. Cloud, FL, have an outside HVAC system, and you should know how to prepare it for hurricane season.

1. Raise Your Outside HVAC Unit

There are many homes in high-risk flood zones on the East Coast. Florida has a law that you must raise your new HVAC unit installed within a flood zone. There’s no reason to wait until you install a new HVAC system to raise your outside unit.

Our professionals can safely raise your outside unit with the recommendations of FEMA and Florida’s building commission. Only professionals should elevate your outside unit because DIY HVAC handymen can make mistakes. A damaged refrigeration line from elevating an outside unit is an expensive mistake to make.

2. Inspect Your HVAC Unit for Damage After a Storm

Check the outside and inside of your unit for loose pipes or wires and debris. Take pictures of the damage on the unit for your records. If there are issues with your air conditioner’s outside unit, our professionals can evaluate the situation.

If your unit tilts after a storm, our professionals can help prevent further damage. A level AC system allows the refrigerant to flow through the coils properly.

3. Clear Debris Away From Your Unit

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring high winds that carry loose debris, which can damage your outside unit. When preparing for hurricane season, you should move decorations and patio furniture inside. You should trim overhanging branches in your yard and clear any large amounts of dirt or leaves near your unit.

4. Cover Your Unit

Before a big storm, you may want to shut your HVAC system off, and cover the outside unit with a tarp. You can tighten the AC cover with hurricane ties to keep debris out. After the storm passes, clear debris from your yard, and uncover the outside unit before you use your HVAC system again.

Other ways to prepare your HVAC system for a hurricane are turning off the breakers to the indoor air handler and tightening the bolts of the outside unit. Getting a tune-up from our professionals is an easy way to help secure your HVAC system. If you need HVAC maintenance in St. Cloud, FL, call our professionals at Frank’s Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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3 Tips for Improving Efficiency in St. Cloud, FL

3 Tips for Improving Efficiency in St. Cloud, FL

As the summer heat arrives in St. Cloud, FL, you’ll naturally be thinking of ways you can save money by increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The less your cooling system runs, the less energy you’ll need to pay for. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reduce the cost of using your cooling system, and improving its efficiency.

1. Maintenance

The first step to increase the efficiency of your cooling system is by implementing a maintenance plan with a local air services company. With a maintenance plan, you’ll save money by having a cooling system that is always in optimal working condition.

A professional technician will typically check and clean these cooling system components and features:

  • Refrigerant level
  • Thermostats
  • Electrical and fuel connections
  • Condenser coil
  • Blower components
  • Condensate drain

2. Insulation

Improving the insulation of your home can help with energy efficiency by limiting the airflow between the house, attic and the outdoors. If you have issues with drafty windows and doors, temperatures varying from room to room plus high power bills during the summer, then it may be time to better insulate your home.

You can add insulating materials to your attic, doors and windows. Installing insulating curtains can help block heat from the sun’s rays.

3. Thermostats

Most homeowners don’t fully utilize their thermostats to reduce the costs of running a cooling system. Simply by adjusting the thermostat, you can easily save on your energy bills. In the summer, set the thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit for the times when you’re at home, and opt for a higher temperature when you’re away.

Call our team at Frank’s Air Conditioning for help with improving the energy efficiency of your home’s cooling system. We’re happy to share information on optimizing your energy usage and provide any other air comfort services you may need.

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5 Benefits of Attic Insulation in Orlando, FL

5 Benefits of Attic Insulation in Orlando, FL

You spend a lot of time and money ensuring that your Orlando, FL, home is well-maintained. One potential upgrade that can boost the comfort and energy efficiency of your home is additional attic insulation. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits additional this insulation provides.

1. Longer Lasting HVAC Systems

Adding extra insulation seals up leaks and drafts in your attic, making your home easier to heat and cool so that your furnace and air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. This enhanced efficiency may translate into longer life for your HVAC system and keep you from the need to call for air conditioning repair as often.

2. Energy Savings With Additional Attic Insulation

The reduced need for heating and cooling with added insulation in the attic doesn’t only increase system longevity. It also reduces energy bills, requiring less energy to run the furnace and air conditioner.

3. Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

When drafts exist in an attic space, dust and bacterial growth can enter your home through them, reducing air quality and leading to potential health issues. Sufficient insulation provides a shield for your home to protect your indoor air from these and other contaminants.

4. Attic Insulation Prevents Structural Damage

Moisture and heat can cause serious damage to your home over time. Proper insulation in the attic can prevent water vapor from seeping into the wall and causing damage. Proper insulation may also prevent roof damage.

5. Prolonged Roof Life

A roof is a substantial investment. Proper insulation can keep the roof at the optimal temperature and moisture levels to ensure the long life of your shingles and roof decking.

As you consider the benefits of additional insulation in the attic, it’s important to discuss your questions with a licensed professional who can provide product and service options. Reach out to our team at Frank’s Air Conditioning to learn more about attic insulation today.

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