3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Heating System

Your heater is the heart of your St. Cloud, Florida, home, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, sometimes your heater can break down when it is most inconvenient, causing you to have to scramble to find a temporary heating source to keep your home comfortable. What you may not know is that your heater will often give you plenty of warnings before it breaks down and needs to be replaced. If you notice any of the tell-tale signs listed below, it may be time to contact your HVAC company to discuss a new installation.

Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent

While all HVAC systems will require repairs as they age, needing constant repairs is a sign that the parts are starting to fail which will decrease efficiency but also cause damage or be indicative of the system’s end of lifespan. If you have had several repairs or multiple parts replaced in the past few years, a new install could actually save you money.

Your Furnace is Making Unusual Noises

Your furnace may creak and groan as it becomes older, but if you hear banging, rattling, hissing, or squealing noises, it could be a sign that something is wrong. While many of these noises could signify a simple repair, they could also mean that you have multiple worn parts and the installation of a new furnace could be more cost-effective than replacing those various parts.

You Are Experiencing Continually Rising Utility Costs

As your system ages, it will run less efficiently which can lead to higher monthly utility bills. While maintenance can help improve efficiency, there will be a certain point when this will not be as effective. If you have your system regularly maintained and are still experiencing higher than normal utility bills, it may be a sign that your system is struggling and has lost its efficiency.

If you notice any of the three concerns listed above it might be time to consider a new efficient heater. Contact the HVAC specialists at Frank’s Air Conditioning at (407) 490-2070 today to determine which model will fit your needs.

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