3 Useful Tips for HVAC Maintenance

When the temperature in St. Cloud, Florida reaches extreme levels, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This will lead to higher energy bills and make your unit more vulnerable to mechanical failures. To ensure that your equipment will be able to perform optimally and efficiently, make sure it is properly serviced on a regular basis. Follow these three tips for effective HVAC maintenance.

Clean and Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

Regularly cleaning and replacing the air filter is one of the most important HVAC maintenance tasks. A dirty air filter makes your HVAC unit less energy efficient and causes undue strain on its components. Make a habit of inspecting and cleaning your air filter once a month and replace it whenever necessary. Generally, you should change your air filter once every 30 to 90 days, but you may have to replace it more frequently if you open your windows often or have pets in your home.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free of Debris

If you are using an outdoor HVAC unit or your system has an outdoor component, make sure it is free of debris. Check the unit or component once a week for dirt, pollen, leaves, sticks, and other kinds of debris. Use gloves or a hose to clean debris off the sides and top of the equipment. This will improve airflow to the fan and result in increased efficiency and longevity. There should be no debris or objects within two feet of the unit.

Clean Your Air Registers and Ducts

Remove dirt and debris from your air registers and ducts as often as possible to ensure optimal airflow from your HVAC system to your indoor space. If you are unable to reach certain sections of your ductwork, call in a professional HVAC cleaner.

Proper HVAC maintenance can improve the comfort of your home, reduce your utility bills and repair costs, and keep your family healthy and happy. If you need professional HVAC maintenance services, contact Frank’s Air Conditioning at (407) 490-2070.

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