Keeping the HVAC system well-maintained in your St. Cloud, Florida, home is vital for maintaining your home’s comfort. An important part of maintenance is having your ductwork regularly checked and cleaned when needed. Unsure of whether or not duct cleaning is worth the cost? Check out these three benefits you can enjoy after having your ducts cleaned.

Better Indoor Air Quality

One of the most important benefits after ductwork cleaning is better overall air quality. As it works to keep your home the right temperature, your system draws in and distributes a variety of air pollutants including dirt, dust, and dander. While the filter will trap much of this debris, some will get through and will often settle in your ductwork. A proper duct cleaning will remove this debris and prevent it from recirculating into your home. This can be especially important in homes with a family that may suffer from allergies or homes with multiple pets.

Helps Save Energy

Your ductwork, if improperly maintained, can be a serious drain on the energy use in your home. Not only do cracks and leaks cause air to be lost before it gets to the desired rooms, but a build-up of dirt and debris in the ducts and vents can reduce your airflow, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the proper temperature. Your HVAC technician will not only thoroughly clean your ductwork to improve the flow of air but also check the areas to detect leaks where energy loss could be expected.

Keeps Your Home Cleaner

The dirt and dust that become trapped in the ductwork of your HVAC system will sometimes come loose, especially after the system has been unused for a while. When this occurs, the dust will flow out of the vents through the air and settle on the furniture and flooring throughout your home.

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