Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Are you interested in smart technology and using a smartphone to control your St. Cloud, FL home’s various systems? If you’ve heard about how this technology allows for remote control of door locks or temperature control, then you should enjoy learning about all of the possibilities. Let’s explore smart home technology benefits that include cost savings, family safety, appliance efficiency, lifestyle notifications and home security.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

This technology includes any variation of systems, appliances and devices that are remotely and independently controlled after being connected into a common network. A connected home is one where the following systems might be controlled by your tablet or smartphone:

  • Security cameras
  • Thermostat
  • Appliances
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Televisions

The high-level benefit to using smart technology includes the ability to control your home’s lighting or security, for example, whether you’re out on the patio or miles away on vacation. All you need is an Internet connection in order to have complete control over your home’s entire home environment.

Control Home Security

Gain complete control over home security and surveillance when using smart technology. A security automation system connects automated door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarms so you can activate or deactivate features from your phone or tablet.

These systems will send real-time alerts to your mobile device so that you know whenever your home’s doors or windows have been opened or closed. This monitoring activity is possible independently of your physical location. Imagine your level of comfort knowing that you can check on the safety of your family while you’re at work, for instance.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

You’ll obtain full control over the heating and cooling performance throughout your home when using smart technology. Smart HVAC systems come with programmable thermostats.

These smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and suggest the most efficient temperature settings to keep you cool all summer long. A smart HVAC system will also notify you when it’s time to repair your air conditioner unit.

Program lights to automatically turn on or off when you enter or leave a room. Tell the system to close motorized shades at the time of day when the sun beats on a certain part of the house. These features all combine to save money on your monthly energy bills.

Improve Appliance Performance

Connecting appliances with smart home technology makes for an easier and more comfortable living experience. You’ll never need to fret over whether your chicken is undercooked or overcooked because your smart oven will cook it perfectly.

Installing a smart home audio and theater system gives you complete control over the management of your music and movie entertainment needs. A smart television brings more relaxing enjoyment as it discovers channels, shows, movies and apps based on your personal preferences.

Understand Home Management More Effectively

Don’t underestimate the value of gaining insight into how all your home’s systems work. Your smart home system helps you monitor:

  • Overall energy consumption
  • The types of food stored in the fridge
  • How often you watch television
  • What types of shows your children watch on TV
  • The kinds of meals you typically cook in the oven

Reviewing this data helps you gain an understanding of your habits that directly affect your health and lifestyle. For example, you might pick up on eating habits you didn’t realize were contributing to weight gain. Or, you may see that your children need to lessen time in front of the TV.

Are you feeling excited about the possibilities that smart home technology can bring into your life? We encourage you to give us a call at Frank’s Air Conditioning so we can answer your questions. Our friendly representatives can explain more about home automation technology where we employ a wireless system that keeps everything invisible and out of your way.

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