How Does a Smart Thermostat Improve Comfort?

Smart technology has improved many aspects of the lives of homeowners in St. Cloud, Florida, especially in terms of convenience. Staying connected at all times allows us to solve problems and get answers quickly. Many homeowners, however, haven’t yet taken advantage of smart technology that also improves their home. A smart thermostat uses innovative smart technology to put efficient and personalized control over your comfort into your hands. Here’s how:

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Like other smart technology, smart thermostats take advantage of Internet connectivity and machine learning in order to more efficiently and conveniently control comfort. In addition to the features present in a programmable thermostat, smart thermostats add Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect to your heating and cooling system whether you’re at home or abroad. Thanks to that connectivity, it can also connect to smart home systems, such as Nexia Home Intelligence, and work with other home systems to improve efficiency and convenience across your home.

How Does It Improve Comfort?

Smart thermostats principally improve comfort by giving you more personalized control over the temperature in your living space. Did the temperature drop more than you expected while you were at work? Before returning home, you can access your thermostat using your smart device to warm up your home while you drive. Once you’re home, you can also use your one of these devices to divide your home into different comfort “zones,” each of which can be kept at their own distinct temperature, allowing you and everyone in your family to enjoy your personal brand of comfort.

By increasing energy efficiency, your smart thermostat can also improve long-term comfort. The programming features and energy-efficiency reports can help you take strain off your HVAC system, trimming energy costs and enabling your system to provide reliable comfort for a longer period.

With a smart thermostat, you can improve comfort in your home while also cutting utility costs and preserving your HVAC system. To have a smart thermostat installed, call Frank’s Air Conditioning.

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