What Is Short Cycling and What Can It Cause in St. Cloud, FL?

A heat pump doesn’t generate heat or cold air. Instead, it circulates outdoor air inside your home in St. Cloud, FL, thereby being more energy efficient, longer lasting and easier to maintain. Short cycling happens when the heat pump switches on and off consistently due to the factors discussed below.

Incorrect Heat Pump Sizing

If the heat pump is smaller or larger than needed, it will likely try to compensate by switching on and off to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. An HVAC technician will calculate the load your heat pump can heat or cool based on factors such as your home’s insulation and square footage.

Clogged Air Filters and Ducts

Clogged filters and ducts obstruct airflow in your home. This causes the heat pump to output less cooling or heating power and also run in shorter, more frequent cycles. These cycles consume relatively more energy.

Refrigerant Leak

Your heat pump needs a refrigerant to regulate a room’s temperature. If there’s a leak, your system will consume more energy to reach the temperature on the thermostat and may also end up running in shorter more frequent cycles. Leaks need immediate sealing, as the refrigerant may also pose a risk to your health.

Why Fix Short Cycling Fast?

When your heat pump short-cycles, you’ll hear it come on and go off frequently. These short cycles will consume more energy as your system consumes more energy to power on. More energy translates to higher energy bills.

As your system overworks to reach the thermostat temperature, short-cycling can lead to premature breakdown of your heat pump. A breakdown can necessitate costly repairs or replacement of the heat pump.

Sizing the HVAC system correctly is the first step in avoiding short-cycling. From there, you need to ensure your heat pump receives routine maintenance without fail. Call us at Frank’s Air Conditioning to schedule routine maintenance or request any other HVAC service from our professionals.

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