What Do These 5 Heat Pump Sounds Mean in Orlando, FL?

If you hear strange sounds coming from your heat pump, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue many people experience, and it can be difficult to determine what the noises mean. Here are the five most common heat pump sounds and what they signify.

1. Banging or Clanking

If you hear a banging or clanking noise, something is likely loose inside the unit, like a screw or metal panel that’s now rattling around inside the heat pump. Turn off the unit and contact a professional for AC repairs.

2. Hissing

A hissing noise from your heat pump usually indicates a refrigerant leak. It’s a serious issue that needs immediate action as it can cause extensive damage to the unit. If you hear a hissing noise, shut off the heat pump and call a technician right away.

3. Grinding

A grinding noise typically means that something is wrong with the motor. Considering this type of sound is often never a good sign, it’s best to turn the unit off and call for an inspection to see what the issue may be.

4. Buzzing

A buzzing sound from your heat pump is usually nothing to worry about and is simply the sound of electricity going through the unit. However, if a burning smell accompanies the buzzing noise, it could be a sign of an electrical issue that requires an immediate solution.

5. Rattling

A rattling noise coming from your heat pump is often due to leaves, dirt or other debris caught in the outdoor unit. As the heat pump turns on, the debris moves around and causes a rattling noise. The debris needs to be cleaned out, so contact a professional who can check out the situation and determine if it’s debris or another issue, like a loose part.

Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning to provide maintenance services if you hear any type of strange noises coming from your heat pump. We’ll help you determine the cause of the noise and get your unit running smoothly again.

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