Weatherizing Your Home to Save Energy

Weatherizing your home and beefing up your attic insulation will boost your comfort and lower your energy bills this winter in St. Cloud, FL. Most homeowners complete these tasks in the fall, but they’ll save you money all year.

Air Leaks and Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Air constantly enters and exits your house. The air that you’ve paid to heat and cool sneaks out, and the humid, pollen-filled outside air creeps indoors. According to the EPA, the average house has so many air leaks that it’s equivalent to leaving a window open every day.

Many older homes don’t have enough protection from fluctuating temperatures. Plus, the insulating material slumps and compresses over the years. By sealing air leaks in your attic and installing weatherstripping around doors and windows, you’ll slash your utility bills by 10 percent.

Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home in Osceola County

Homeowners in St. Cloud and Kissimmee spend nearly $2,000 on electricity annually, so your savings will grow quickly. Here are a few other year-round benefits of sealing your home.

  • You’ll have fewer problems with pests, including insects, rodents and mites.
  • Insulating materials prevent pollution, pollen and smog from entering your house.
  • Your family will enjoy improved air quality.
  • You’ll have more control over indoor humidity levels.
  • Insulation reduces noise from traffic and neighbors, so your home will be quieter.

Attics benefit from extra weatherproofing more than any other part of your house. You can also save quite a bit of money by sealing your crawlspace. If you’re having problems with drafts and hot or cold spots, have the professionals at Frank’s Air Conditioning install additional attic insulation. The cost of smaller air leaks adds up too. Don’t overlook the value of sealing your air conditioning ducts, recessed light fixtures, electrical receptacles and utility openings in exterior walls.

If you’re interested in saving money by weatherproofing your home, you can learn more about our air conditioning and attic sealing services online or by calling our office in St. Cloud at (407) 490-2070. We’re here to help.

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