Teach Your Kids Energy Conservation

Kids in Orlando, Florida, often learn about the importance of saving energy at school. But you can reinforce that message by teaching them how to be energy conscious at home. Most kids love the opportunity to be helpful around the house. Once they understand the importance of energy conservation, they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Here are a few practical tips to encourage kids to save energy.

Make It Fun

Start with a conversation about what energy is and where it comes from. Keep the conversation age-related. Go through all the rooms in your house together and talk about how to save electricity. Explain that when the AC is on, it is important to keep doors and windows closed so that cool air doesn’t escape. If it does, the AC will have to work harder to keep their rooms cool. Take them outside and show them the HVAC unit, explaining its function and how much it costs to run.

Let the kids find unnecessary plugged-in appliances and gadgets. Ask them to write down a set of rules detailing which appliances and gadgets must be unplugged or switched off daily, allocating tasks to a specific family member. Kids will feel responsible for their task, which will make them more likely to complete it. For the younger kids, you can even set up a reward card with prizes at the end of the week if they follow the rules.

Create an energy-saving challenge. Put a chart on the fridge where everyone can add what they have done to save energy.

No-Electricity Night

Plan a fun evening for the family that doesn’t include using any electricity. Play charades by candlelight, or sit outside listening to the neighborhood night sounds. By having a no-electricity night, you’ll teach your kids that they can survive without electricity, and yes, when the lights go on, they’ll really appreciate it more.

Energy costs money, but by teaching your kids to conserve it, everyone wins. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning at (407) 490-2070 for all your HVAC needs.

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