Is My Thermostat on the Wrong Wall in Orlando, FL?

Are you noticing your Orlando, FL, home seems warmer or colder than the temperature on the thermostat? This is often a result of poor thermostat placement, causing it to read an incorrect temperature. Here are four areas in your home to avoid when placing your thermostat.

A Wall in Direct Sunlight

If your home seems sweltering hot even though you have your thermostat set at 67 degrees, make sure it’s not installed in direct sunlight. The constant sunlight forces the temperature to read higher than the actual temperature. Perception is reality when it comes to thermostats.

Thermostat Near Vents

Another mistake is to have a thermostat installed close to one of the air conditioning vents. The cold air the HVAC system blows through these vents will force it to register a temperature that is too cold. If you notice your AC unit turning off intermittently, this could be the cause.

An Exterior Wall

Try to put your thermostat on an interior wall where it will most accurately read the average temperature in your home. Thermostats on exterior walls may sense the outside temperature. Exterior walls are especially undesirable places to put it if you live in an older house that may be drafty or need better insulation.


A hallway is a popular place for homeowners to install their thermostats. This may not be great idea because hallways an be long and narrow, so they won’t give a good reading of the actual temperature.

If your HVAC system is in need of a new thermostat or new location, contact us at Frank’s Air Conditioning for more information. We have been providing world-class HVAC services to Orlando, FL, residents for decades.

Image provided by iStock

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