Improving Your Home’s Airflow and Comfort in Orlando, FL

Has your Orlando, Florida, home become increasingly uncomfortable temperature-wise? Does the air feel stale? Poor air circulation could be to blame. Here are some ways to improve your home’s airflow for improved indoor air quality and comfort.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

To correct air circulation problems, start with scheduling HVAC maintenance. Professional maintenance services performed by qualified service technicians are an excellent way to keep your heating and cooling system performing its best. During a tune-up, your HVAC professional checks for blocked vents, cleans the HVAC equipment, inside and out, and replaces clogged filters. They also check for leaking ductwork and other ventilation issues that can result in diminished air circulation.

Install More Powerful Exhaust Fans

Another way to remove musty, stale, and contaminated air from your home and replace it with clean, fresh air is through exhaust fan usage. Most homes have exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen areas, but they’re usually mid-grade fans and do a less-than-stellar job removing stagnant air to the outside. If you feel your exhaust fans aren’t doing their jobs well, consult with an HVAC professional about installing more power exhaust fans.

Increase Attic Air Circulation

Good air circulation is essential to regulating the temperature in your home. Your attic plays a key role in temperature regulation through the use of intake and exhaust vents. Sometimes attic insulation obstructs these vents, restricting airflow and preventing hot air from escaping and colder air from coming inside. If you feel these issues are causing poor attic air circulation, consult with an HVAC professional to inspect your attic’s ventilation system.

Central Florida experiences man months of hot, humid summer temperatures, and you want to ensure your home’s air circulation is sufficient to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the year. For more information about correcting airflow issues in your home and scheduling maintenance, get in touch with the pros at Frank’s Air Conditioning today!

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