How Indoor Air Quality Affects Productivity

One of the things that is often overlooked in the process of creating a good working environment is indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can result from poor HVAC maintenance, lack of ventilation, and sources of air pollution. If you do not take measures to improve the air quality in your office in St. Cloud, Florida, you will likely see a decline in employee productivity. Find out how indoor air quality affects workplace productivity.

Health Effects

The main reason why you should maintain good air quality in your office is because it can help your employees stay healthy. Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air. It contains a wide range of particles that are harmful to human health, including dust particles, bacteria, pollen, and animal dander. These particles can make your employees more susceptible to eye and nose irritation, cold, flu, dizziness, and headache. Prolonged exposure to polluted indoor air may lead to severe conditions such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease, and lung cancer.

By contributing to an unhealthy work environment, poor indoor air quality can cause your employees to fall ill more often and increase the amount of sick leave they take. This can significantly reduce the productivity of your business.

Mood Effects

In addition, air pollution in the workplace can have a negative impact on your employees’ mood and cognitive abilities. It can cause them to experience fatigue, mood swings, depression, and loss of concentration, resulting in an unhappy working environment and lower productivity. Employees who are constantly exposed to bad air may feel that their employers are not concerned with their well-being. As a result, they will not be motivated to deliver their best performance.

Maintaining good indoor air quality in your office does not only make your employees healthier and more productive; it also shows them you care about them. If you want to improve indoor air quality and productivity in your office, contact Frank’s Air Conditioning, Inc. at (407) 490-2070.

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