Common Commercial HVAC Problems in St. Cloud, FL

A commercial HVAC system and a traditional air conditioning system can experience different problems before a breakdown occurs. This guide focuses on the most common HVAC problems that could impact a system designed for a commercial space in St. Cloud, FL.

Fan Problems

The fan that’s designed for a commercial HVAC system spins on the roof. Because the fan is elevated, strong winds could easily propel debris into its chambers on a very windy day. If heavy debris invades the cabinet, the fan may not maintain consist speeds during basic operations.

To prevent fan problems, schedule maintenance and inspections regularly. Both tasks will help you eliminate potential threats that could interfere with the fan.

Damaged Seals

Every commercial air conditioning system has several mechanical seals. They’re used to create a strong barrier around vital parts. The seals also provide a layer of protection that prevents leaks and gradual wear and tear.

When a commercial HVAC system’s compressor or pump generates too much heat, the seals will slowly expand, and the added pressure can cause cracking that leads to leaks. The best way to stop these problems is by lubricating the seals on the pump.

An Improperly Sizesd Commercial Air Conditioning System

Sometimes HVAC systems on buildings are too large. This is a common issue because HVAC contractors must obey the code requirements. However, if a system is too large, this could cause problems if the equipment powers on and off frequently.

If a commercial system continually operates in this manner, the frequent stopping and starting will strain the equipment, sometimes causing a premature a breakdown. In most cases, the system won’t have to be replaced to correct power management problems. An experienced technician may be able to restore the system’s normal functions by a hardware adjustment.

When commercial air conditioning problems strike, you can count on the technicians at Frank’s Air Conditioning. If you need commercial HVAC repairs, contact us today.

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