Can I Add Ductless AC to My Home in Orlando, FL?

Adding a ductless air conditioning system, also known as an AC mini-split in a home in Orlando, FL, could be the solution you’re looking for. In this guide, you’ll learn when you should consider buying a ductless AC system.

The Home’s Layout

If you recently expanded the layout of your home and added on a room or space, you’ll benefit from installing a ductless air conditioner. Instead of incorporating new ductwork to distribute air from your current air conditioning system to a new space, you can skip this step and install a mini-split to heat and cool the new space without connect to existing ductwork.

Climate Control Features

In a crowded home, everyone will prefer a specific temperature setting during the day and night. Climate control is a convenient feature for a home that has multiple residents because it gives a user the ability to maintain a precise temperature in a certain space.

You can adjust a ductless AC mini-split’s temperature using a remote control device. We highly recommend our smart home service if you’d like to incorporate more advanced technologies in your home.

Ductless AC Energy Advantages

Some people buy ductless air conditioning systems to save money on their energy bill. If you invest in a system as well, you’ll experience the same results because a ductless unit distributes air in a very energy-efficient manner.

The key is the lack of ducts. Because the air enters a space directly from the equipment, the space reaches the desired temperature in less time. To get the most out of a ductless system, you must ensure that your home has solid insulation as an air leak can increase the energy costs.

Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning to install a ductless AC unit in your home. If you want to stay cool and save energy using a ductless system, there are many benefits.

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