Boost Your System’s Efficiency by Scheduling Fall Maintenance

Fall is arriving soon, and there is no better time to schedule the regular maintenance for your HVAC system in your Orlando, Florida, home. By preparing your system now, you will improve its efficiency when heating your home during the winter months and will also reduce the risk of your system breaking down when you need it most. Find out how regular HVAC maintenance can improve your system’s efficiency and lower your monthly utility bills.

Improves Your System’s Airflow

Good airflow is crucial to keeping your system efficient. Restricted airflow can make it harder for your system to maintain the desired temperature. This means it will need to run more and work harder, using more energy and wearing down its components quicker. During your scheduled maintenance, your HVAC technician will change your filter, check for impediments to the airflow, and discuss with you any improvements you can make.

Improves the Function of Your System

Part of your regular maintenance will involve checking all of the components for wear and tear. Your technician will check belts for fraying and will lubricate them if needed. The tech will also clean the components so they can perform their job properly. By staying on top of repairs before they become big problems, you will ensure all the components work together to keep the system running as efficiently as possible.

Increases the Longevity of Your System

Regular maintenance can increase the life of your HVAC system, and the better maintained it is, the more years of efficient service you will get out of it. It will also help save you money by prolonging the time before you need to invest in a system upgrade.

Whether you are looking to maximize your system’s efficiency or just want to shave a few dollars off your monthly energy bills, regular maintenance can be the best solution. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning at (407) 490-2070. One of our professional technicians will schedule your service and get your system operating as it should again.

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