Avoid DIY Heat Pump Installation in St. Cloud, FL

It might be tempting to try and install a heat pump yourself to avoid paying the installation cost. However, the risks associated with the task outweigh any perceived benefits. The following are some dangers of DIY heat pump installation in St. Cloud, FL.

1. It’s Dangerous

Working on a heat pump comes with many hazards. Some of the potential issues, depending on the type of system, include electrocution, vulnerability to harmful gas, fire and refrigerant exposure.

The best way to prevent putting yourself, other residents and your home in danger is to leave the heat pump installation to the professionals. They’re trained and equipped to handle all the intricacies of installing the system and preventing any dangerous situations.

2. You Might Interfere With the System’s Efficiency

Every part of the heat pump must be perfect for the system to work efficiently and as expected. When the system isn’t properly installed, it could result in numerous issues ranging from poor heat output to increased energy bills. Any issues will likely worsen, resulting in a call to an HVAC professional to come and get the heat pump working correctly.

3. It May Void the Warranty

Most heat pump warranties state that the manufacturer will repair your heat pump at no cost within a certain period after you buy it if the system requires it. If the damage is beyond repair, the manufacturer may replace your system for free within this period.

A heat pump’s warranty typically states that its terms are null and void if you try to repair, service or install the system by yourself rather than having a professional do it. This means, if something goes wrong during the installation process, you will have to pay for the repair or replacement of the system.

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way while attempting a DIY heat pump installation. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning for professional heat pump services if you need a new system. Our family-owned and operated company is ready to provide you with exceptional service.

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