AC System Odors That Need Attention

Your AC system plays an integral role in protecting your health and keeping you safe. It is a good idea to investigate any unpleasant odor. Here are some examples of odors that indicate potential issues with an AC system in your home in Loughman, FL.

Dirty-Sock Odor

When you turn on your AC, if the air smells like dirty socks, it’s a sign that there is a microbial buildup. A reliable technician from our company will clean the coils, unclog the drain pans and help eliminate the musty odor associated with it.

Chemical Odor from AC System

When you start your AC system, if the house smells like chemicals, it’s never a good sign. A chemical odor is an indication that there is a refrigerant leak or another serious issue that could lead to the failure of the unit.

A refrigerant leak can also cause a hissing or bubbling sound, so be on the lookout for those signs, too. If you notice ice buildup on the evaporator coil, warm air blowing from the air vents, or inconsistency with indoor thermostats, your AC might need maintenance or replacement service.

Vinegar Odor

A clogged condensate pan, dirty filter, unclean ductwork, or excess condensation causes the house to smell like vinegar. Again, only a professional technician will pinpoint the actual reason for this odor, so make sure to contact one as soon as you notice it.

Burning Odor From AC System

The burning odor could be coming from a broken capacitor, overheated motor, loose electrical connection, or bad fan belt. Things can go horribly wrong if you don’t pay attention to burning odor and take quick action accordingly. You should turn off your system right away and contact our HVAC company for a service call.

We have the skills and training to pinpoint the cause and eliminate odor coming from your AC unit. Call the experts at Frank’s Air Conditioning for HVAC inspections in Loughman, FL.

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