5 Tips to Reduce Your Energy Use

Your energy use in Kissimmee, FL, will spike in the summer, but with careful planning, you can manage it. Do your best to keep air moving in your home, and make improvements to the space to reduce heat buildup.

Upgrade Appliances

As your appliances wear out or need replacement, check the Energy Star rating of new ones. The more efficient your purchases, the less electricity you’ll need to consume.

Check Out Your Home’s Envelope

Make sure your home is properly insulated and that your windows are up to date and properly sealed. If you need to paint or put on a new roof, invest in a light, reflective paint color. Talk with your roofer about the best shingles to reflect heat.

Use Fans

Fans move air rather than cooling it. However, if you’re in the room, moving air will cool you down. Set your ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise in the summer.

Leave Your Thermostat Alone

Set your thermostat to 76 degrees and use fans to cool your space. If you can’t manage at 76 degrees, bump it down until you’re comfortable. Be aware that experts with Trane confirm that for every degree over 72, you can save up to 3% on your cooling costs.

Open Up

Air needs to move to properly to cool you and your home. Don’t block off vents to try to force air to a particular area. This only creates pressure backups in your system.

Instead, open everything up. If heat builds up in your home during the day, use a programmable thermostat to cool the house down a bit more overnight, so your AC unit can keep up during the day.

Your home can be an efficient and comfortable oasis with the right HVAC repair team on your side. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning to schedule having your HVAC checked and serviced as needed.

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