4 Steps to Prep an HVAC System for Hurricane Season in St. Cloud, FL

When severe weather strikes the East Coast, you know rain, wind and power outages are most likely coming with it. Hurricane season has some of the strongest storms on earth and lasts between June 1 and Nov. 30. Most homes in St. Cloud, FL, have an outside HVAC system, and you should know how to prepare it for hurricane season.

1. Raise Your Outside HVAC Unit

There are many homes in high-risk flood zones on the East Coast. Florida has a law that you must raise your new HVAC unit installed within a flood zone. There’s no reason to wait until you install a new HVAC system to raise your outside unit.

Our professionals can safely raise your outside unit with the recommendations of FEMA and Florida’s building commission. Only professionals should elevate your outside unit because DIY HVAC handymen can make mistakes. A damaged refrigeration line from elevating an outside unit is an expensive mistake to make.

2. Inspect Your HVAC Unit for Damage After a Storm

Check the outside and inside of your unit for loose pipes or wires and debris. Take pictures of the damage on the unit for your records. If there are issues with your air conditioner’s outside unit, our professionals can evaluate the situation.

If your unit tilts after a storm, our professionals can help prevent further damage. A level AC system allows the refrigerant to flow through the coils properly.

3. Clear Debris Away From Your Unit

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring high winds that carry loose debris, which can damage your outside unit. When preparing for hurricane season, you should move decorations and patio furniture inside. You should trim overhanging branches in your yard and clear any large amounts of dirt or leaves near your unit.

4. Cover Your Unit

Before a big storm, you may want to shut your HVAC system off, and cover the outside unit with a tarp. You can tighten the AC cover with hurricane ties to keep debris out. After the storm passes, clear debris from your yard, and uncover the outside unit before you use your HVAC system again.

Other ways to prepare your HVAC system for a hurricane are turning off the breakers to the indoor air handler and tightening the bolts of the outside unit. Getting a tune-up from our professionals is an easy way to help secure your HVAC system. If you need HVAC maintenance in St. Cloud, FL, call our professionals at Frank’s Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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