3 Reasons to Leave Heat Pump Repairs to the Pros in St. Cloud, FL

If you’re stuck with a broken heat pump on a hot day in St. Cloud, FL, frustration may push you to take matters into your own hands. As understandable as such a reaction may be, however, it’s extremely unwise. Here are three reasons why you need to leave heat pump repairs to the pros.

1. You Might Make Things Worse

Successfully repairing a heat pump requires training, skill, knowledge and experience. Even with the best will in the world, it’s unlikely that a layman would have all the requisite know-how and tools for such work. In all likelihood, trying to fix your heat pump on your own will only expose you to unnecessary risks.

One of these risks is that you may inadvertently end up making the problem worse as you try to fix it. If you don’t understand how the various parts of a heat pump interact with one another, you may fail to account for something that causes trouble.

2. You Might Get Hurt

DIY heat pump repairs pose an even more significant danger to your health and safety. Heat pumps run on electricity and use refrigerant, which is a toxic substance. Even the slightest mistake can result in electrocution or the accidental inhalation of a poisonous gas.

Never put yourself in such a position. Let trained professionals handle all your heat pump repairs and maintenance.

3. You Might Void Your Warranty

Understandably, HVAC manufacturers don’t want to be on the hook for the results of DIY repairs gone wrong. This is why virtually all HVAC manufacturer’s warranties have a clause stating that they won’t cover any system malfunctions that occur as a result of failed DIY repairs. Conversely, if you leave repairs to the pros, you can be sure of keeping your warranty in force.

A trained and experienced team of HVAC technicians can fix even the most serious system malfunctions. When something breaks, call our team at Frank’s Air Conditioning for the best heat pump service in St. Cloud, FL.

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