Watch Out for These 6 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

No matter where you live, there are factors that will affect the air quality inside your home. It can be shocking to find out just how polluted the air in your home really is. Read on to learn about six of the main sources of indoor air pollution in Orlando, FL.

1. Residue From Cigarette Smoke

If you have smokers living in your home or visiting frequently, then the air inside is filled with pollutants from their cigarette smoke. Even if you open windows or turn on fans to dispel the smoke, the harmful toxins will remain in your home because cigarette smoke settles into furniture, carpeting, curtains, and even the walls. The only way to prevent indoor air pollution from cigarette smoke is to forbid any smoking in your home whatsoever.

2. Chemicals in Cleaning Products

Many people think that by cleaning their homes regularly, they are protecting their families from harmful dirt and pollutants. The fact is, thanks to all the toxic chemicals used in the products they clean with, they are actually introducing unhealthy vapors into the air that their family is breathing. Everything from floor cleaners to air fresheners to laundry products is full of chemicals that adversely affect a home’s indoor air quality.

To prevent this, do some research into brands that use all-natural ingredients in their products. These are just as effective as the more widely known brands, and they come without the risks to your family members’ health and well-being.

3. Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the main causes of poor – and dangerous – air quality inside older homes and structures. Asbestos is present in insulation, paint, tiles used on floors, ceilings, walls and other products used in the construction process of these older buildings. The use of this cancer-causing material is now banned in the United States.

A qualified technician will be able to assist you in determining whether asbestos is present in your home. If it is, trained professionals are able to safely remove it, making way for safe, new insulation in attics and other areas.

4. Radon

Radon is a type of gas that is similar to asbestos when it comes to negatively affecting the air quality inside your home. It is another product that was commonly used in the construction and finishing of older homes, but it is also found to be naturally occurring in certain types of bedrock. Radon is particularly harmful because it can accumulate within crevices inside your home, as well as behind walls.

Reduce or eliminate Radon inside your home by ventilating any crawl spaces beneath the house. Doing so will break any suction-like connection to the ground and the Radon-producing bedrock. It will also disperse any Radon that exists underneath the house. Radon detection devices are available, if you suspect it is present.

5. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide does far more than cause poor indoor air quality -it is the most toxic indoor pollutant of all, causing death within a matter of hours. Carbon monoxide is the result of coal, gas or other types of fuel that fail to burn completely, leaving deadly fumes behind.

Carbon monoxide is hazardous because it is odorless and tasteless, revealing itself only once it has affected someone with a headache and/or flu-like symptoms. Contact a reputable HVAC company to find out about having a carbon monoxide detector (similar to a smoke detector) installed in your home. You can buy combination fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

6. Naturally-Occurring Pollutants

Naturally occurring pollutants include dust, dirt, pet dander and other pathogens that make their way into your home via open doors and windows, chimneys, and on the shoes and clothing of everyone who enters your home. These substances collect in air ducts and vents as well as on surfaces and floors, from which they circulate and re-circulate in the air throughout your house. They are responsible for causing a number of respiratory issues and illnesses and exacerbating already existing conditions such as asthma and COPD.

To prevent a buildup of these types of pollutants in your home, dust surfaces, sweep and vacuum floors and wash bedding (including pet bedding) frequently. Schedule annual maintenance for your HVAC system to have air ducts and vents cleaned out by a professional.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Don’t let poor indoor air quality put your family’s health at risk. Contact the professionals at Frank’s Air Conditioning Inc. to keep your home’s air ducts and vents clean as well as for assistance with all your HVAC needs. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your home and family are in caring and competent hands.

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