Is It Time for a New HVAC System?

As a homeowner in Kissimmee, FL, you have to be aware3 of your HVAC system to ensure your home operates efficiently. At some point, however, you may get little or no results from nursing an old HVAC unit. Below are some telltale signs that it is time to consider installing a new HVAC system and doing away with the old one.

The Age of Your HVAC System

HVAC units are generally designed to last for ten to fifteen years. To achieve this milestone, your HVAC must have had plenty of tune-ups and maintenance to keep it running optimally.

Old HVAC systems are prone to breakdowns and costly repairs. This is why it is more economically viable to upgrade to a new modern unit than continue incurring expenses of repairing or replacing the old unit’s internal components. Since an older unit works harder to meet your temperature needs, it tends to consume more energy.

How Well Your HVAC System Handles Humidity

Kissimmee, FL, residents are well aware of how uncomfortable humidity is in the summer. One of the major functions of an air conditioner is to improve your home’s comfort by controlling your indoor humidity levels. If you are still having humidity problems in your home, even after turning your system up, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Experts recommend comfortable indoor humidity levels of 40% to 50%. Having humidity levels lower than 30% leads to dry air, while levels above 50% will make it feel warmer than it actually is because of the h umidity.

It Produces Loud Disruptive Noise

Typically, an HVAC unit is designed to produce a soft hum when running. However, if the noise becomes too loud or interrupts your peace, something is definitely not right. Loosely fitted parts are a common cause of noise in HVAC systems.

You should immediately call in the experts when you notice any unusual sounds from your vents, air handler or compressor. However, if the noise keeps on resurfacing even after regular maintenance, it is usually a telltale sign of a bigger underlying problem. Consult with a professional HVAC technician to see if it would be best if you considered replacing the system.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

Older models do not have the benefit of current energy-saving technology. Older models are nearly half as efficient as the new modern HVAC models. Even a well-maintained older HVAC model cannot achieve the efficiency you can get with new energy-efficient models.

If you notice a spike in energy bills over time, then it may be time to upgrade to a new HVAC system. Older generation models have to run more to achieve your temperature preference. This results in higher energy consumption that eventually translates to a bigger utility bill.

You Notice Unpleasant Odors

If you notice any strange smells emanating from your HVAC system’s air ducts, it is often a sign of a bigger problem. Unpleasant smells can be caused by various problems, such as biological growths inside the unit or air vents. Refrigerant leaks can be another cause of the odor.

You should contact your technician to assess your HVAC system and advise you accordingly.

You Notice Dust Is Accumulating in Your Home

The HVAC system in your home does more than heating and cooling it. It’s responsible for proper air ventilation and removing dust and dander from the air. An increase in dust can indicate a problem with ductwork, the need for a filter change or that the system is not able to circulate and clean the air.

The performance of your HVAC unit has a big influence on the comfort of your home. Call Frank’s Air Conditioning today for HVAC installation and repair service. We are committed to providing quality services from our certified technicians and boosting the comfort provided by your HVAC system.

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