Busting 5 Myths About An HVAC System in Orlando, FL

A HVAC system is an important investment for any resident of Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, like many homeowners, you may not be enjoying your HVAC system as much as you should because of certain myths surrounding it. The good news is that this guide will help you live better with your heating and cooling system by busting some HVAC system myths, which include the following:

1. The Bigger the Unit, the Better for Your Home

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your current HVAC system with a bigger one, you should reconsider doing so. Having a unit that is too large for your home can increase your energy bills tremendously due to an endless on-and-off cycle.

In many cases, HVAC systems that are too powerful for a home overshoot the target indoor temperature within a short period. Besides high energy bills, this issue can lead to more breakdowns and a reduced lifespan since the unit’s parts wear out faster than normal. Your home will also be more humid as the system doesn’t stay on long enough to remove the moisture in the air.

2. Regular Checks Are a Waste of Money If Your HVAC System Seems Fine

Like many people, you may be waiting for your HVAC system to start presenting issues before you schedule checks and repairs. That’s not wise. Although your unit may be functioning properly today, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Always remember that the unit’s internal components will always accumulate wear as long as the system is running. For instance, the moving parts wear away slowly, and dust particles accumulate. That means that a mechanical problem can occur at any time or make it inefficient.

To avoid such surprises and the resulting high repair or replacement costs, you should always schedule regular maintenance checks with an HVAC professional. During an inspection, a qualified technician will confirm that all the HVAC parts are fine to make sure that the system remains efficient and reliable until the next inspection.

3. You Can Install the Thermostat Anywhere

Common HVAC problems, such as poor cooling, are not always caused by breakdowns or wear and tear on certain parts. The thermostat’s location also influences how well a HVAC system operates, which means that if yours is on the wrong wall, you may experience heating or cooling problems.

Generally, HVAC professionals follow certain guidelines when installing thermostats, and some of them involve the ideal location for the device. Installing the device on an exterior wall or in areas that often receive direct sunlight, for instance, can lead to a host of HVAC system problems because the thermostat will read the wrong temperature.

4. You Can Successfully Seal Your Air Duct Leaks With Duct Tape

Although you can use duct tape to solve many issues around the house, you should not rely on it to seal your leaking air ducts because it doesn’t stick properly to air duct surfaces. If you detect any air duct cracks, call a professional to fix them with the right product. Mastic sealant and aluminum foil tape are some of the products HVAC professionals use to fix duct leaks.

5. You Must Cover Your HVAC System in Winter

You may have seen people covering their HVAC’s outdoor components in winter to prevent damage from debris and other elements. The truth is, HVAC systems are generally designed to endure harsh weather and climatic conditions, which include heavy rainfall, high outdoor temperatures and debris.

If believing such myths has led to minor or major HVAC issues in your home, such as high energy bills and breakdowns, then you need a professional to help you out. Contact us at Frank’s Air Conditioning to repair, maintain or install your HVAC system in Orlando, FL. We also provide duct cleaning and attic insulation services.

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