A Guide to Understanding Energy Recovery Ventilators in Orlando, FL

Energy recovery ventilators provide your Orlando, FL home with a cost-effective way to remove contaminants and improve the indoor air quality of air into your home while lowering the HVAC operating costs. It provides ventilation in today’s well-insulated homes and saves energy.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

The energy recovery ventilator is a piece of equipment that is connected to your HVAC system. It extracts energy from the air that is removed from your home and uses that energy to precondition outdoor air, which then enters your home.

ERVs pre-heat the colder, dryer outdoor air during winter before the HVAC system circulates it in your home using the warm air from the house. During the summer, the cool and dry air removed from your home is used to pre-cool and reduce the humidity of the warm, moist outdoor air. ERVs lessen the burden on your HVAC system, which saves energy and money in the long run.

How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Function?

Indoor air in your home contains impurities that negatively impact your health. The ERV, which is part of your HVAC system, through a ventilation process, replaces the contaminated indoor air with equal amounts of fresh outdoor air.

ERVs saves the energy stored in the conditioned air lost during the exchange process. ERVs recapture a portion of the wasted energy, which only drives power and fuel costs higher, to address comfort and HVAC operating cost deficits.

ERVs absorb heat from the airstream with high temperature using a recovery wheel and release the heat to a lower temperature airstream. When the wheel rotates, it takes up moisture from the airstream with high humidity and deposits it in the airstream with low humidity.

Advantages of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

  • Contributes to fresh air – ERVs provide air quality as it filters all incoming air before it’s dispersed throughout your home. Impurities are never circulated inside and ERVs also remove indoor air pollutants, such as pet dander and dust, when it sends stale air outside.
  • Reduces energy consumption – ERVs use their ability to transfer heat between incoming and outgoing air streams. They use a fan to operate and not a condenser to decrease the load on your HVAC system. This action saves energy and wear and tear on your HVAC.
  • Keeps humidity levels in check – The ERV maintains your home’s humidity levels in check throughout the year using its ability to transfer moisture. An ERV preconditions and dehumidifies the air it brings inside your home during summer. During winter, it retains the moisture from the air sent outside.
  • Reduces the size of HVAC equipment – The ERV can precondition the outdoor air, which means the HVAC equipment may accommodate a lower capacity system requirement.
  • Reduces electrical and gas demand – The ERV’s ability to precondition the outdoor air reduces electrical demand during the cooling season.
  • Protects Your HVAC System – ERVs reduce wear and tear on your HVAC. ERVs help reduces the inconvenience caused by costly breakdowns and enables your HVAC system to work for a longer period of time.

Let Frank’s Air Conditioning Supply You With a Quality ERV System

After going through the guide on how ERVs works and their benefits, it’s time to own one. In order to get the best advice on which ERV will best suit your needs and fit your home correctly. Let our experts at Frank’s Air Conditioning recommend the best ERV for you.

Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning Supply for more information regarding ERV systems and other questions regarding how to improve your home’s air conditioning. We’ll provide the best services and give you the best solutions to save energy and money. We offer high-quality heating, cooling, and duct cleaning services.

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