7 Summertime Heat Pump Problems in St. Cloud, FL

Summer can create a number of problems for your heat pump. If you’re a homeowner in St. Cloud, FL, understanding the following potential problems can help you stay comfortable and avoid costly emergency repairs.

1. Strange Noises and Vibrations

Summertime brings many delights. Long days and warm weather can make for some of the most enjoyable times of the year. But, if you notice continuous vibrations and strange noises, your heat pump is likely struggling to keep you comfortable or stay operational.

Loud squeals, rattles and bangs can result from an unbalanced unit or faulty parts like motors and belts.

2. Poor Airflow

If your heat pump isn’t blowing cold air in your home as it should, there is an underlying issue. The system needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Neglecting routine maintenance can cause dirt or dust buildup on the filters, obstructing airflow. Replacing air filters regularly helps to keep your unit running efficiently and avoid costly repairs.

It’s also important to make sure the thermostat is set correctly. If not, you could be overworking your heat pump without seeing any benefit. You can contact Frank’s Air Conditioning in St. Cloud, FL, to inspect your system and diagnose the problem.

3. Strange Smells

Heat pumps emit odors only if an underlying problem exists. Strange smells can range from a musty smell to burning plastic. Musty odors arise from moisture in the system, which often contributes to the growth of biological particulates.

The spores produced by these organisms can cause breathing and other health problems. Burning plastic smells are usually caused by an electrical issue, such as wiring insulation melting due to overheating.

4. Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your heat pump runs for short periods but not long enough to properly cool or heat the space. This most commonly occurs during hot summer days when the outdoor temperature has become too hot for the unit to keep up.

The solution here is to turn down the thermostat and ensure that it’s kept at a reasonable level. You should also ensure maintenance services are up to date.

5. Heat Pump Running Constantly

Your heat pump may run constantly if it’s struggling to keep up with the extreme temperatures of summer. As the outside temperatures rise, your system has to work harder to cool down your home for optimal comfort.

This can be especially true of older units lacking energy-efficient features such as variable speed or multi-stage compressors. A malfunctioning thermostat, an oversized unit or inadequate ventilation and insulation around the unit can also cause it.

Constant running of heat pumps can result in higher-than-average electricity bills or extra wear and tear of parts that could lead to costly repairs.

6. Heat Pump Freezing Up

A heat pump may freeze during summer due to inadequate refrigerant. This can occur if you have a system leak or if your maintenance is overdue.

During hot weather, the evaporator coil needs more refrigerant than usual to absorb heat from the air and cool down your space. If this doesn’t happen, ice can build up on the coil and eventually cause your system to freeze completely. To prevent this issue, you should schedule regular maintenance with a technician.

7. High Humidity

High humidity levels in summer can cause discomfort and health issues. A well-maintained heat pump should keep the humidity in check.

If your system is not working properly, it will struggle to lower humidity levels. You may need to switch on the fan setting for longer periods or turn up the thermostat. In some cases, you may have defective parts that require replacement.

The summer months don’t have to be uncomfortable because of heat pump problems. Awareness of these common issues and regular servicing can help you stay comfortable and avoid costly repairs. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning today for quality heat pump services in St. Cloud, FL

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