7 Signs It’s Time for a New Heat Pump in St. Cloud, FL

There comes a time when replacing your heat pump is inevitable despite proper care and maintenance. Watch for the following signs from your heating system in St. Cloud, FL, that indicates it’s time for a repair or possibly a new system.

It’s Making Strange Noises

Heat pumps produce swooshing sounds when entering defrosting mode during the cold season. This sound is typical and is nothing to cause concern. However, other unusual sounds prompt immediate repairs.

For instance, producing a banging sound indicates that some components are loose and can cause more damage if left untended. A best practice is to inform your contractor in case of odd sounds for inspection. The technician will advise you if it appears it’s time to make a plan for a new system.

Water Is Leaking From Your System

Naturally, a heating system collects moisture from the air and releases it through the condensate drain system. Gradually, dirt and debris build up, causing clogs. Due to this blockage, the drain cannot expel the water droplets, resulting in leakage.

If left unattended, a leak may cause property damage. In addition, the efficiency of the entire system reduces. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this problem with regular maintenance.

Sometimes, a broken component might be the cause. Contact an expert for evaluation and repairs. They’ll advise whether repairs can resolve the problem or if system replacement is unavoidable.

The Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

Does your system shut down immediately after you turn it on? Does it have difficulties getting started? Perhaps, the system runs in its startup phase instead of at optimal efficiency level.

The problem is due to several factors, including overheating, a faulty thermostat or a damaged compressor. These unusual happenings put more strain on the heat pump and can lead to failure if not handled properly. In addition, they lower the efficiency of the pump.

Accordingly, have an expert inspect your system and perform the necessary repairs. If the problem persists, you may need a replacement system to achieve maximum comfort in your home.

You’ve Experienced Reduced Airflow

A significant decrease in airflow from your heat pump indicates that the compressor may fail. Being the heart of the system, failure of the compressor leads to inefficient heating in your home. In extreme circumstances, it leads to the breakdown of the entire unit.

Other causes of diminishing airflow include leaks in the ductwork. Holes or separations within the ducts lower the air pressure, resulting in minimal airflow. If you experience uneven heating in your home, with some hot and cold spots, seek professional advice on whether it could be an issue with your ductwork or the system itself.

The System Is Old

A heating system becomes inefficient after serving you for a long time. Issues often arise with age. Your system has also likely already undergone several repairs and perhaps some component replacements.

The exterior parts of the system rust and corrode due to their susceptibility to the ever-changing climate. Corrosion causes internal friction over time, decreasing efficiency. If your technician identifies the signs of aging in the system, he or she may recommend a replacement in the near future.

It Needs Frequent Repairs

Heat pumps are among the market’s most reliable appliances. With regular maintenance, they usually don’t require frequent repairs. Experts advise that an annual maintenance schedule, usually just before winter, is enough to keep the system running until the following spring season or longer.

If your system requires repairs multiple times a year, acquiring a new system would probably be the best option.

There’s Been a Significant Increase in Your Energy Bills

Even if the heat pump functions normally, a dramatic increase in energy expenses is a cause for concern. The years of wear and tear make the system’s performance decline, negatively affecting its energy efficiency. Accordingly, your system has to run for longer cycles which consumes more electricity.

Compare your energy consumption levels from the previous years, especially if there is no increase in electricity-consuming appliances in your home. This allows you to determine whether the system is the primary cause of high utility costs. You may need to consider a replacement if you can’t attribute the issue to other sources.

Has your heating system reached the end of its lifespan? Worry not since our company offers a full line of heating services, from heat pump repairs to maintenance and installation. Contact Frank’s Air Conditioning for heating services in St. Cloud, FL and the surrounding cities.

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