6 Commercial HVAC Upgrades to Consider in Hunters Creek, FL

As a business owner, it’s your mandate to ensure that your workers stay comfortable. That may be hard to achieve with an old HVAC system that becomes less efficient the longer you run it. Here are six commercial HVAC upgrades you might want to consider for your building in Hunters Creek, FL.

1. Ductless HVAC Systems

Installing a ductless HVAC system comes with many benefits. For starters, this type of system is straightforward to install and is very easy to maintain. A ductless heating system may also help you cut down on your monthly energy bills.

These small and sleek systems easily blend in with business decor. Ductless systems come in different shapes and sizes, from ceiling cassette mini-splits to wall-mounted units to floor consoles.

The lack of ducts significantly boosts your system’s energy efficiency. The systems have multiple air handlers that only need 1 compressor unit.

Also, the cost of operating a ductless HVAC system is lower because you won’t spend money on duct cleaning services. Plus, you may qualify for utility rebates or tax credits for the year you install a ductless HVAC system.

2. Smart HVAC Designs

Advanced technology has led to innovative automation systems and HVAC system designs. Smart HVAC equipment designs come with more sensors. Thus, they can easily interact with other systems in your building.

In addition to monitoring the temperatures inside and outside your building, the smart HVAC equipment can track humidity levels and the sun’s brightness. For instance, if one room in your building receives direct sunlight, this system can optimize that space by adding less heat in winter and more cool air in summer.

3. Greener HVAC Equipment

Greener HVAC equipment has existed in the HVAC industry for quite a while now. Currently, the most environmentally friendly HVAC system features geothermal heating, and you can even use solar panels to power it. This significantly reduces energy consumption.

Geothermal systems depend on groundwater sources to power heat transfer. With advancements in technology, you can expect these designs to use multiple energy sources for maximum energy optimization. Besides, manufacturers are building them with fewer parts, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions.

4. Building Automation Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)

For you to benefit the most from your commercial HVAC system, you need to consider using it with the Internet of Things. This is the network of internet-connected objects that collect and share data without human intervention.

Examples of Internet of Things applications include smart surveillance and smarter energy management systems. For HVAC systems, more temperature sensors and thermostats can now connect to Wi-Fi.

This allows property managers, maintenance technicians and employees to conveniently monitor and regulate the building’s temperature. You can manage everything through your trusty laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever connected device you prefer.

Plus, the data these building automation systems use is accurate and detailed. Apart from automatically detecting and reporting problems, this software can offer solutions for commercial HVAC system inefficiencies. Ironing out these problems will enhance your system’s longevity as well as help you save on energy costs.

5. Replacing the Motors

Replacing the motors of your old commercial HVAC system allows it to operate more quietly. This gives your employees an environment that’s conducive to working without any distractions. Install a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to ensure that your appliance supplies air only when necessary.

6. Installing New Filters

One essential step of HVAC maintenance is changing your filters monthly to promote proper airflow. Dirty and clogged filters can cause your system to work harder to regulate indoor temperatures. They can also affect your indoor air quality.

Frank’s Air Conditioning offers a wide range of HVAC services, ranging from system installations to AC repairs and maintenance. We can help you upgrade to an HVAC system that will suit your needs and budget. For more information on our commercial HVAC services, contact Frank’s Air Conditioning today.

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