4 Signs of AC Failure

Dealing with an air conditioning problem at your St. Cloud, Florida, home can cause a lot of frustration and discomfort. With the warm temperatures and high humidity levels we experience throughout much of the year, a functional air conditioning system is a necessity. Watch for these warning signs of air conditioner failure, and know what to do if you experience any of them at your home.

Weak Airflow

One of the most common signs of air conditioning problems is when the airflow coming through the vents feels weak. The power from the air conditioner comes from the compressor, which is found in the outdoor unit. This vital component circulates the refrigerant, allowing for the process of heat exchange to occur in the coils found in the indoor and outdoor units. If the compressor fails, the system won’t have enough power to move the air, so weak flow is often caused by a compressor problem.

Unfortunately, the compressor is also one of the most expensive components found in your air conditioner, so a repair can be costly. In some cases, a replacement might be necessary, but your HVAC technician can help you determine the best course of action.

Thermostat Issues

If the temperature in your home feels drastically different from what you’ve set on your thermostat, this problem is often caused by a faulty thermostat or improper placement. One issue that can cause the thermostat to read incorrectly is if it’s installed on a wall that receives direct sunlight. The constant exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can cause it to read a higher temperature than it should. Thermostats don’t last forever, but replacing them is a fairly easy and cost-effective repair. It could also be low on batteries, so check those first before you call a technician to swap it out for a new unit.

If you’re interested in the latest home automation option, check out the range of smart thermostats. These units can be programmed and controlled from your mobile device, offering more flexibility when you’re away from home or you just don’t want to get off the couch. Additional benefits of smart thermostats include improved efficiency, reduced energy waste, and lower monthly bills. The cost of a smart thermostat is a bit higher, but many owners report savings that can help offset the initial price.

Warm Air

Warm air coming through the vents can be very frustrating, especially on a warm day. The first step to solving the problem is to make sure your thermostat is set to the cool function. It seems obvious, but many people forget to make the switch when the cooling season starts and call an HVAC technician, thinking something is wrong.

If it’s set correctly, the warm air could be caused by low refrigerant levels. When this happens, you most likely have a leak in your refrigerant line, so you’ll need to have a technician take a closer look and repair it. Refrigerant is made of chemicals that can be harmful, so make sure to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

Sounds or Smells

An air conditioning unit should make some noise, especially when it first starts up, but you shouldn’t hear loud banging, grinding, or squealing noises. These sounds can indicate that a component has slipped off its track or come loose and is grinding against something else. Unpleasant odors in the air can also indicate a problem. If you smell something musty, you could have moisture in your ducts that has caused biological growth. Foul, burning odors often indicate a problem with the wire insulation.

Any type of unusual smell or sound should be cause for concern, so it’s best to call a technician to take a closer look. You should never poke around in your air conditioning unit because you could end up causing further damage or injuring yourself.

At Frank’s Air Conditioning Inc., we offer air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance, so contact us at (407) 490-2070 if you notice any of these warning signs with your unit.

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