You’ve vacuumed for the third time this week and dusted your furniture, and yet you’re still sneezing and struggling to breathe. The source of your discomfort may not be visible—it may be hidden in the duct network of your St. Cloud, Florida home. Clean your ducts, and you’ll fight indoor air pollution and improve energy efficiency while you’re at it.

What Is Duct Cleaning?

How can you clean your duct network when most of it is invisible and unreachable? You call the professionals. Our team uses powerful vacuums that eliminate dust, dirt, and other debris from every nook of your duct network, removing those particles from your home. But duct cleaning involves more than vacuuming out the network itself. We also clean registers, diffusers, grilles, and even the air handler unit if necessary. We want to leave your entire system spotless so there is no recontamination of the network.

Why Is Cleaning Your Ducts Important?

Your duct network supplies more than just air—it’s the channel for any particle caught on your airflow to travel through your living space. A few dust particles here and there may not be an issue, but dust, dirt, and other particles latch onto each other and build up over time, creating a new threat to your indoor air quality. Your system will blow some of these collected particles through your home, causing them to gather on your furniture and forcing you to breathe them in. That buildup also reduces your HVAC system’s energy efficiency by hindering airflow.

What Are the Benefits of a Cleaning?

Duct cleaning removes buildup, leaving your air healthier and your unit more efficient. You should especially consider cleaning your air ducts if you are particularly susceptible to allergens, bacteria, and viruses that may build up in your ducts. Anyone in your family suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions will also greatly benefit from cleaner air. As an added bonus, duct cleaning also removes any odors caused by particle buildup.

Let yourself breathe easy. Schedule a duct cleaning with our team by calling Frank’s Air Conditioning at 407-278-1981.

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