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What To Know When Buying a New Heat Pump

What To Know When Buying a New Heat Pump

Whether your current heat pump is quickly approaching the end of its lifespan, or you’re simply looking for a better heating and cooling option for your Kissimmee, Florida home, here’s everything you should know when buying a new heat pump.

Get Familiar with New HVAC Technology

Heating and cooling systems are not an exception to new, modern inventions. For this reason, when considering a new system for your home, it’s important to take into consideration all the new technology available in the market before making a final decision. Heat pumps, for example, offer a wide array of options available depending on your home’s needs. Some of these include multi-speed or two-speed condensers and variable speed motors.

Multi-Speed Condensers

One system that does it all, exactly how you want it to. That’s exactly what a heat pump with a two-speed condenser, which is sometimes referred to as variable-speed motor, can do. Unlike more traditional HVAC systems with a one-speed heating or cooling stage, multi-speed condensers control the HVAC system to increase or decrease their system’s output to keep temperatures stable. These heat pumps operate at varying speeds rather than just an on or off setting. As a result, your indoor temperature will remain at a steady and comfortable level without varying much at all.

Multi-speed heat pumps provide more than improved comfort for family members. These systems also help lower your energy bills since they can run at slower speeds most of the time making them energy efficient, over the frequent stopping and starting of single stage heat pumps.

Two-Stage Motors

Two-stage motor pumps are the most common type of heat pumps used in the United States. These systems have 2-stage compressors that allow two heating and cooling settings, a high and a low. Although less flexible than a multi-speed pump, these systems are more energy-efficient than a single-stage heat pump as you won’t need to have it starting and stopping frequently and running at maximum capacity when it is on.

On days when it’s is not too hot outside, your system will run at a lower cooling speed for maximum savings. Meanwhile, your system will work at a higher capacity to stay comfortable indoors during the hottest summer days.

Surprisingly, higher energy efficiency and indoor comfort are not the only benefits provided by variable speed and two-stage motor heat pumps. These systems remove extra moisture from your home’s air because they run for longer periods of time but at an easy pace. Therefore, heat pumps are also better at dehumidifying than other types of systems, which we all know is especially important in Florida where humidity levels tend to be excruciatingly high.

Understand the Value of SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

The more energy-efficient your new system is, the higher the cost-savings and indoor comfort you’ll experience. When buying a new system, make sure to consider its SEER, which indicates the maximum efficiency rating of the unit. Modern heat pumps range between 13 to 21 efficiency ratings, while units older than ten years can have a SEER as low as eight or even less.

It might sound easy, but there are a lot of variables to factor in before choosing a new system for your home. Your home’s size, the condition of your ductwork, current insulation, state requirements, among others are all important variables that will determine the right system and SEER for your specific needs. A professional load calculation is the best way to know which system is right for you and your home.

Schedule a Professional Load Calculation

During a professional load calculation, a service technician will analyze every part of your home. This will allow your technician to then make recommendations for a new system that is the right-size for maximum efficiency and indoor comfort.

Technology is constantly surprising us with its new advances. We know the options available in the market can be overwhelming, especially when considering a new HVAC system for your home. Contact our experts at Frank’s Air Conditioning today to schedule a professional load calculation or to learn more about our heat pump installation services in St. Cloud, Florida and surrounding areas. We’re here to help and will be happy to explain these options in more detail to help you make the best choice for your home and your family’s comfort.

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What To Know When Buying a New Heat Pump

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